Rights and Refuge

A Student-Run Blog, Rooted at the Human Rights Initiative at UCLA, that Focuses on the Intersection of Migration and Politics

Who We Are:

Welcome to the Human Rights Initiative at UCLA. We are an undergraduate student organization focused on topics at the intersection of migration and public health. 

Photograph by Désiré Charnay, 1862 – 1863

Our undergraduate organization has hosted academic panels as well as conducted fundraising and volunteer work. We run our blog, Rights & Refuge, to elevate student voices on related news concerning our thematic areas. You can find our blog’s three major topics, public health, public policy, and international migration, at the top our site.

This website serves to share the club’s latest updates, local resources available to low-income communities, and articles written by our students that reflect their own opinions, perspectives, and insights on barriers to health and the politics of migration.

Student Spotlight: Jasmine Caballero Year and Major: Fourth Year, Human Biology & Society Major, Biomedical Research Minor

What inspired you to be a part of HRI? “My passion for helping immigrants/migrants in need, particularly expanding immigrant/migrant access to basic human care resources has driven me to be apart of LAHRI* for two years”

What was your most impactful project with HRI? Caballero learned of a local church that was generously hosting asylum seekers but was in need of basic supplies. Along her assistant chair, she successfully applied for a $3,000 grant and was able to purchase tents, backpacks, and other essential supplies to feed and clothe those in need.

*The Human Rights Initiative at UCLA evolved from the undergraduate division of the Los Angeles Human Rights Initiative

Los Angeles Low Cost Community Resources

In order to spread the word about local low-cost or free resources, we have complied two pamphlets containing up-to-date informations on food assistance, health clinic, youth programs/child care, and job training/ESL courses.